Monday, June 8, 2009

Cactus Rose Time Travels

I have always loved the thought of time travel~

My favorite Back to the Future was the one where Marty went back to the old west and called himself "Clint Eastwood". My fascination with time travel started with an episode of Bewitched. Samantha was zapped back to the Salem Witch Trials. Lately, even more time travels have hit television, the big screen and book shelves as well. I try to watch or read as many as I can.

Cactus Rose has several wonderful time travels out right now. Each one has a little something different to offer.

A Law of Her Own was released late last summer and has received some great comments from reviewers.

Night Owl Romance said, “There is realism to the story that only a few time travel authors can bring to the page.

“With her descriptions of the life and time, Mrs. LaRoque paints a wonderful picture of Texas in the 1800’s. This story makes me want to go back in time! I will be looking for more books by this author to read!” – Kim N., Fallen Angel Reviews

"How to describe A Law of Her Own by Linda Laroque? Yee-haw and bring on the cowboys! Charity Dawson, a true-blue city lawyer from 2008 steals away to the magnificence of the Texas prairies and finds herself trapped in 1888 with Turner Reardon, cowboy and condemned man. Employing modern-day forensics, Charity tries to save the man from the noose, only to be discredited because she’s a woman!" (WRDF)

LASR said, “I loved the premise of a female lawyer traveling back in time just in the nick of time to save an innocent man from hanging…

My Heart Will Find Yours by Linda LaRoque was released in May 2009. This poignant time travel is the story of Texanna Keith who, at the insistence of her elderly neighbor, Pearlina, takes a mystical turquoise locket and boards a train to “travel back in time” so she can prevent the death of Royce Dyson. Texanna is certain Pearlina is senile--until she finds herself in 1880.

This recently garnered 5 Spurs from Love Western Romances. “My Heart Will Find Yours, a wonderful story full of heartache, passion, and the unexpected, is one you won’t want to miss!” ~Jennifer

And don’t miss the Cactus release That Wyoming Wind from Jo Barrett. This one was just recently released as well.

Jodi is at the end of her proverbial robe, all is lost. Her ex-boyfriend has swindled her inheritance and caused her to lose her job. She has no remaining family alive, so she packs all she owns and heads west. Her aging car breaks gown near Iron Horse, Wyoming, and she attempts to walk back to town for help until a strange wind sweeps her up, depositing her in 1907.

This is a feel good tale with vibrant characters, true romance and a wonderful twist. Dan is a true gentleman and a great match for Jodi.

So if you're looking to travel back to the old west, check out these wonderful stories of romance and time travel.

, Eve

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Linda LaRoque said...

Hi Eve, I'm thrilled you posted about time travels and included info on A Law of Her Own and My Heart Will Find Yours. I better grab a copy of Wyoming Wind. It sounds like my kind of story.
Thanks for the plug!