Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Cactus Rose is Steamy this Summer

Wanted: Lawmen, Outlaws, Miners and Mail Order Brides



In just a few days the Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology will be released.

I don’t know which I enjoyed more…outlaws are so—well, who doesn’t love a bad boy? There’s something so compelling about a hero seeking redemption.

     McKenna Smith is doing just that. His pardon is a heartbeat away. All he has to do is help catch a killer. Is it chance or fate that leads him to Audra Tadlock, with her crystal blue eyes and her pale hair-is her resemblance to Bubba Buchannan mere coincidence or is she hiding something?

     Bobby Morgan is just trying to buy himself a bit of time. He’s a sinner through and through and doesn’t feel a bit of remorse about taking a young woman captive. But this devil meets his angel in Naomi, the preacher’s daughter.

Then you have the lawmen. Those tin stars certainly seemed to say a lot about a man.

     Quinn Riley is one of those men who wears his honor like his badge. So giving, so self-sacrificing, he is willing to put himself dead last.

     And Sheriff Adam McBride is a hard man,  but a good man. Hannah Stewart is a runaway. She’s hiding something, a past he just can’t ignore.


Lawmen and Outlaws Anthology

Loretta C. Rogers, Lauri Robinson, Helen Hardt, Linda Caroll-Bradd


Marrying Minda

Tanya Hanson



Marrying Minda written by Tanya Hanson also comes out this month. For mail order bride Minda, Paradise isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Her would-be groom told her more than a few white lies. His small children aren’t such little tikes after all. And the nice little farm…isn’t so nice--plus the groom died before she got to town. Minda marries her intended’s brother only to realize mail order bride means “free nanny” to her handsome new husband who’s suddenly found himself saddled with his brother’s three children. Brixton never wanted a wife or family and now he has both…maybe he'll learn a thing or two from Marrying Minda



Miner In Petticoats



Paty Jager


Miner in Petticoats introduces us to Aileen Miller. She’s a widow who has gone through more than any one woman should. The husband she loved died, and unable to support herself and her small son she remarried a vile, abusive man. The town thinks she killed her second husband, while he certainly deserved it, Aileen was innocent. She has no place for another husband, and she’s not interested in another man to break her heart or complicate her life. Until she meets Ethan Halsey. He’s a giving man and devotes himself to providing for his brothers and the town and he needs a track of land to do so.

Aileen has land he needs,   but she’s not willing to part with it. These two stubborn souls lock in a battle of wills and as their lives become intertwined, their hearts do, too.

As the summer heats up so does the romance...

Happy Reading


Tanya Hanson said...

Oh, this is so very exciting! thanks to everybody at Cactus Rose for the great experience. My books came today and I'm still sighing.

Best wishes for success!


Paty Jager said...

Thanks Eve for the shout out! This is definitely a Cowboy month with all these releases!

Loretta C. Rogers said...

It's an odd coincidence that three of the authors' first names begin w/ "L" -- Lauri, Linda, Loretta. And we can't forget, Helen. I'm probably a little bias, but all the stories in Lawmen and Outlaws are excellent.
Thanks for posting the covers. I can see my TBR stack growing taller.