Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Native American Romance

I've always loved history, especially Native American romance. Perhaps because of a romance in my own family. My grandmother told of her own grandfather, a Cherokee man, who went to Texas before it was a state and returned to Georgia over a decade later with an Apache wife. It was a marriage that lasted a lifetime, and they had a large and happy family. During the Civil War this woman fed Union troops and kept her family safe. She was a healer, a provider, and a profound influence on all around her--with perhaps a bit of a temper. My grandmother loved visiting her grandparents and hearing their stories, but she said it wasn't a good day for a visit when they arrived at the house and Grandpap was sitting outside in the front yard, along with all his belongings- (evidently, her grandmother often threw him out of the house.) These grandparents had a lasting impression on my grandmother and she spoke of them quite fondly.

The Earth Songs is an exciting series dedicated to Native American romance, and the people who shaped a nation. The Cactus Rose Line is currently accepting Earth Songs submissions.


Helen said...

What a lovely story about your great-great-grandparents, Eve.

Celia Yeary said...

My husband and I lived in Oklahoma three years while he earned a Ph.d from OSU.I already knew some history of the Cherokee,but I learned more about the Five Civilized Tribes while in residence in the state.The Trail of Tears episode in our history became more engaging and heartbreaking when I read about the event and the people. Few people know that many Cherokee were plantation owners in Georgia before the Civil War. Your story was touching. Celia