Thursday, August 28, 2008


Lauri Robinson here. I have three stories in the Cactus Line at The Wild Rose Press. Mail Order Husband, A Wife for Big John, and Unbelievable Journey.

I’ve always been in love with the old west, and writing about those pioneer times has to be the next best thing to living in them (all right, indoor plumbing is a plus too).

A touch about my stories…I created Mail Order Husband after visiting the Black Hills of South Dakota. The land remains untouched in many ways; I just couldn’t help but wonder how a woman alone would have ever survived. I decided she’d have a tough time of it, so my heroine orders herself a husband.

While my father was ill, he suggested I write a story about a logging camp in Minnesota, I told him I would if he’d help me. He shared many stories of the old logging days which I incorporated into A Wife for Big John.

I love the concept of a woman traveling back to the old west, so thus, An Unbelievable Journey was born. Having a sister-in-law whose father was a race horse jockey years ago at the tracks in Nebraska gave me a wonderful resource, so setting the story in Omaha seemed fitting.

I’m excited to be a part of the Cactus Rose Blog, and look forward to reading about the other Cactus authors and hearing what readers want.


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